The First Year of Chinese Camp

By Jeanne Chen

family picture


top: Jeanne Chen is in the back row, second from right. Mr. Edgar Buzzell, Mrs. Buzzell's husband, is in the back row, third from left.

middle: Young campers Milton and Laura Chen

bottom: Preparing to enjoy a day on Lake Delavan; Camp Portrait: Camp Photo: Jeanne Chen is in the back row, far right. Mr. Edgar Buzzell, Mrs. Buzzell's husband, is in the back row, second from left.

Lake Delevan

Glen Eyrie Farm Camp in Lake Delavan, Wisconsin, was a children's camp owned and directed by Mrs. Virginia Buzzell. During the summer of 1958 I was one of its counselors.

Reverend Studley and CSAS were planning a Chinese children's camp and looking for facilities. She asked Mrs. Buzzell (a faithful Christian) whether the Glen Eyrie Farm Camp facilities would be available to concurrently share with this Chinese children's camp. Mrs. Buzzell welcomed this newly-formed children's camp.

The registration for the camp consisted of only five children including my own two children, Laura and Milton. It was a bit of a disappointment based on the numbers. However, later we learned that most Chinese parents did not feel comfortable sending their young children away to camp. Therefore, the CSAS board and Reverend Studley decided that a family camp would be more suitable. It would be an ideal atmosphere where both the parents and children could spend vacation time together.

Therefore, in 1959, the Chinese Family Camp began at Lake Wawasee in Indiana.

Now, fifty years has passed. I'm excited and very happy to see that when we first planted the seed of a family tree, it grew and blossomed. I hope that this family tree will carry on for many more multiples of fiftieth anniversaries!