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This Website is Now Frozen in Time!
(as of January 2015)

The New Official Chinese Family Camp Website is!

This year the teen reunion will take place December 27-30, 2014 in San Francisco
where there promises to be no snow!
Family Camp 2015 will be at Amish Acres July 19-26, 2015, where, again, no snow!

Read all the news on the Blog! Pictures at The Family Camp Picture Collection! This year's Teen-dominated Relive picture stream is here here and 2013 Relive is here. Also, Many Camp Videos on YouTube this year! Don't forget the Photo Booth Pictures!

2014 Group Picture
This is the 2014 Group Picture. Look for more Camp pictures here
and Camp news and pictures and videos in the CFC Blog. Also see MORE pictures at Relive
Chinese Family Camp welcomes all families who would like to mix their interest in Chinese culture with the fun and recreation of a week-long "camp" set in the somewhat unrustic environment of an Indiana resort hotel. From the early years when Oakwood Park still had primitive cabins through this year's Camp down the street at Amish Acres, the goal of Camp has been to foster a positive image and understanding of the special circumstances of Chinese families - grandparents, parents, and children, blended families, adoptive families - living in or having connections to the American Midwest.

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