Credits Where Credits are Due

This is a group effort web page that represents a group effort Family Camp. I hope that these pages are received with approval by all those who have contributed to the 40 years of camp and good fellowship.

So, thanks to CSAS for sponsoring Family Camp for all those years. CSAS has just celebrated its 45th Anniversary and have a nice retrospective newsletter. (CSAS is the Midwest Chinese Students and Alumni Service, PO Box 809, Chicago, Il 60690.)

Thanks to the founders of Family Camp who had the vision and wisdom to get us all together and make something larger than the sum of our parts

Thanks to those who kept it going during the transitional years when most of us got busy with other things and forgot how great camp really could be. Thanks for transforming camp and keeping it both relevant to the new generations and also connected to our cultural history.

I hope that this electronic effort grows from contributions all over the country and the world. This is just a start.

Thanks to my dad, "Grandpa" Weichien Chow, for doing the calligraphy you see on the left. It looks like he took a brush and wrote the characters right on the screen, doesn't it? It's actually done with a magic marker on a piece of notebook paper which he mailed to me when I asked for a sample. It's all in the wrist.


Mark "what do you feed your pet mark?" Chow