Pictures from Camp 2004 as it Happened!

We pushed the envelope of available technology and posted these pictures on the web almost as Camp was happening:

An impressive number of people got up to do morning exercises with Grandma Judy Ng, who taught us real authentic Tai Chi. It was a beautiful morning sunrise over the water.
Master Chris Mah gave a class on a special form of martial arts, Wing Tsun. He is shown here pummeling golf master Dave Wang in a demonstration of what not to do when you are in a tough biker bar.
The Heritage Program had a visit from the only female Emperor in the history of China who gave a graphic description of the uses of power in the Tang Dynasty. Insprired by the hair fashions of that period, there was a Tang Dynasty Hair Fashion Parade before the evening's program.
The first evening's program was the successor to Stumper 2000, called Rapid Fire. It was an intense fast-paced game designed to get all Campers to get to know each other. Using a series of trivia questions, gang interviews, and family facts, game show host Lawrence Wong led the entire gonging gang.
The week's first official sports competition was a massive game of kickball, with the world's longest outfield.
Arts and crafts this year included experiencing the 3-color pottery technique developed in the Tang dynasty. After painting glaze on their horses, the pieces were taken to Donald Trump to be fired.
The Heritage program continued by constructing guard uniforms used in the time of Emperor Qin. Since Qin was a very unpleasant and paranoid emperor, he constantly surrounded himself with guards who were only 3 feet tall wearing grocery bags.
The guards proceeded to set up a flag communication system to protect the Emperor from invading barbarians. Despite the guards' vigilance, some barbarians were able to infiltrate and capture Qin, who unfortunately quickly lost his heavenly mandate.
Giant bowling party! Sarah beat her Dad 146 to 126. OK, the bumpers might have helped, but still...
The day concluded with a participatory Wizard of Oz screening. Audience members dressed as characters and sang all the songs. A great time was had by all.