A Partial, but Lengthy, Story of Family Camp 2001 in Words and Pictures

This year's camp was small but enthusiastic. Many remarked that this might have been the best camp session they ever attended, partly because they were able to interact more with other campers instead of trying to do all activities all the time. Many visitors came on the weekends and a grand time was had by all.

With a stunningly clever teen ed strategy, Vevan uses arts and crafts to tell the story of the history of China. Each day, a different activity emphasizes a different dynasty and explores their use of technology for making craft objects.

Arts and crafts remains extremely popular. This year a new activity was decorating glazing pottery and plates with low temperature glaze that could be fired in a conventional oven.

In a late night bridge marathon, the bidding was hot and furious up until the truly late hour of 1AM. In the final game, the grandpas went for broke but were too wild and finished the hand down 5, redoubled, and vulnerable. In non-bridge terms, this means they lost.

In a break with tradition, chop suey pail boat races were held this year in addition to all years ending in "0". Uncle Al presided, a spirited contest ensued in which some boats were lost to algae and other natural hazards

One night everyone went out for dinner at a seafood restaurant. Sarah barged into the kids table and excitement over whether food would be spilled broke out among the crowd. But Mom soon put an end to that.

Grandpa Weichien Chow performed fortune telling based on the I-Ching for Wawasee University night.

One of the strangest spectacles at Festival was a dramatic re-enactment of how hair fashions would have been presented during ancient dynasties. Here are the lovely models parading up and down the runway showing off the newest styles.

Scavenger hunt contestants await the signal from the judge as to whether their finds are admissable. The verdict? "Off with their heads!!"


Field Day!

Tai Chi!

An experiment in reviving music performance, but with a modern twist - on an electronic keyboard. After that, a quick game of "chase me under the tables"

Morning Exercise lives on!

Reading from Chinese History books at meals? There's just Too Much Culture here at Family Camp!

What would Family Camp be without a competitive game of Twister?

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